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Here are some amazing reviews

“My knockout knee, a disorder that produces agonizing pain and instability in the knee joint, has been a daily battle for me. I tried several treatments with minimal success before deciding to try the GFOUK™ New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel, and I am delighted with the relief it has offered. My crippling knee problems have progressively eased with continuous application of this gel. The discomfort has subsided, and I’ve seen an improvement in the stability of my knee joint. The focused approach of the gel to lowering inflammation and discomfort has made a considerable improvement in my daily activities.” – Gilbert Ray

“After years of battling rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, I was thrilled when I found the GFOUK™ JointMax Discomfort and Inflammation Relief Gel. This basic and uncomplicated method for controlling my disease has been a huge relief, giving me a renewed sense of optimism and independence. It has had a genuinely miraculous influence on my life, bringing incomparable relief from pain and inflammation and allowing me to restore functionality and increase my quality of life.” – Ceclia Dawson

How can Bee Venom Support Joints and Bones?

Bee venom has been reported to provide potential advantages for joints and bones via a variety of methods. One possibility is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Another possible advantage is that bee venom has analgesic qualities. It is considered to block particular pain pathways, providing short pain relief for joint and bone problems. Bee venom can increase blood flow to afflicted regions. Improved circulation can improve the transport of important nutrients and oxygen to the joints and bones, thus promoting their health and repair.

M.D. Recommended

As an orthopedic surgeon, I recommend patients who are experiencing issues with their bones and joints use this GFOUK™ New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel. Our GFOUK™ New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel, which contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds, could help with the recovery from bone-related wounds and encourage general joint health.

 How does GFOUK™ New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel Works?

GFOUK™ New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel is a topical solution that relies on bee venom’s potential advantages for a variety of uses. The gel contains bee venom extract as well as additional substances that aid in application and absorption.

Anti Inflammatory & Analgesic

Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel has been reported to provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties when applied to the skin. It is believed that the essential bee venom component melittin has a role in these outcomes.
In terms of analgesic qualities, the gel’s bee venom may disrupt pain signaling pathways. The gel may give short relief from joint or muscular discomfort by blocking pain signals. This can provide folks with a sense of comfort as well as increased movement.

Stimulate Blood Flow

The gel’s formulation likely contributes to its effectiveness in stimulating blood flow. The consistency and ingredients of the gel allow for easy application and absorption into the skin. This enables the bee venom extract and other active components to penetrate the skin layers and reach the underlying blood vessels, promoting vasodilation and subsequent increased blood flow.

Tissue Regeneration

The bioactive ingredients in GFOUK™ New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel, such as peptides and enzymes, are considered to aid in tissue regeneration. These elements could influence cellular functions and signaling pathways involved in tissue regeneration and repair. Bee venom extract has been believed to penetrate the skin and interact with deeper tissues. The venom’s active ingredients may cause cellular reactions at the site of administration, encouraging tissue regeneration.

What makes GFOUK™ New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel Special?

 ✓ Potentially benefit joint and bone health

✓ Help reduce inflammation in joints affected by other conditions

✓ Help relieve pain and improve mobility

✓ Stimulate blood flow and promote tissue regeneration

✓ Support healing process on bone-related injuries

✓ Enhance the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen to the joints and bones

✓ Support scientific evidence

✓ Formulated to be quickly absorbed by the skin

Effective Ingredients

1. Bee Venom Extract – Bee venom contains peptides, enzymes, and other biologically active substances that are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Arnica – Arnica (Arnica montana) is a herb that has been traditionally used for its potential benefits in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing.

3. Calendula – Calendula is well recognized for having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, which may help explain why it can be good for the health of your joints. It is thought to function by lowering inflammation, enhancing circulation, and assisting the body’s natural healing processes.

4. Peppermint – Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) help in soothing joint pains and in reducing the swelling around joints.

Here are some reviews from our satisfied consumer

“I recently got into a mini-accident where I fell off the ladder from a tree. I misstepped my left foot, which resulted in inflammation and pain. Upon x-ray, some joints were inflamed but didn’t result in major problems. My officemate recommended this GFOUK™ New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel to me, and I did use it straight up for a month with amazing results. No more pain and swelling; upon x-ray results again, it is now stated that joints are healed.” – Simeon Stevens

“Last month, me and my girlfriend had a very bad misunderstanding that led me to uncontrol my emotions. Due to my extreme anger, I unintentionally punched the wall, resulting in my right hand swelling so badly. I did put cold and hot compresses on, but none of them worked. Gladly, my girlfriend bought one for me, and I did use it for weeks, and the result was amazing. As you can see on the picture, there’s no more swelling and bump. It’s totally healed now.” – Klein Ross

How to use

1. Start by washing and drying your affected area.
2. Apply a generous amount of New Zealand Bee Venom Professional Treatment Gel to the affected area.
3. Massage the cream into the skin until it is absorbed.
4. Allow the cream to remain on the skin for at least 15 minutes.
5. Repeat the process two to three times a day for best results.
6. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each application.

Product Details


Mason Owens
Verified Buyer

A Game-Changer in Managing Elbow Swelling.I am excited to share my positive experience with this remarkable product. The bee venom gel has proven to be an effective solution for reducing elbow swelling and providing much-needed relief, allowing me to regain comfort and functionality in my daily activities.

Garfield Vaughn
Verified Buyer

A Remarkable Solution for Managing Knee Swelling.I was hesitant about trying a bee venom gel for knee swelling, but after researching its properties and reading positive reviews, I decided to give it a chance. I am delighted to say that it exceeded my expectations. The gel contains natural components derived from bee venom, known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This unique combination of ingredients makes it an outstanding solution for managing knee swelling.

Kathleen Cook
Verified Buyer

Its fast-acting relief, long-lasting effects, and natural composition .I highly recommend it to anyone seeking relief from hand arthritis pain and improved hand mobility. With the bee venom gel, I have found a reliable and effective solution that has significantly enhanced my quality of life.

Kathleen Cook
Verified Buyer

Its fast-acting relief, long-lasting effects, and natural composition .I highly recommend it to anyone seeking relief from hand arthritis pain and improved hand mobility. With the bee venom gel, I have found a reliable and effective solution that has significantly enhanced my quality of life.

Nell English
Verified Buyer

Very soothing Bee Venom gel.Over time, with regular use, I observed a significant improvement in my knee mobility and a decrease in the frequency and intensity of my knockout knee episodes.

Valentine Terry
Verified Buyer

Relieve my hand arthritis.I particularly appreciate the cooling sensation it provides upon application, which helps to soothe the hand and provides instant relief.

Harley Cain
Verified Buyer

Works for my knee pain.The gel quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue, which I appreciated as it allowed me to continue with my daily activities without any discomfort.

Alfred Brewer
Verified Buyer

A Knockout Solution for Knee Management.This innovative product has become an absolute game-changer in my knee pain management routine, providing me with effective relief and allowing me to lead a more active and pain-free lifestyle.

Harley Newman
Verified Buyer

Has long-lasting effects of the bee venom ge.Unlike some other topical treatments that provide only temporary relief, the bee venom gel continued to work throughout the day, keeping my foot swelling under control.

Irving Jordan
Verified Buyer

Relieved my neck swelling and pain.With regular use, I noticed a gradual improvement in the overall condition of my neck, with reduced swelling and minimal pain.

Bennie Knight
Verified Buyer

An Effective Solution for Foot Swelling.I recently discovered the incredible benefits of bee venom gel for reducing swelling in my foot and alleviating pain. This product has been a game-changer in my quest for finding effective solution.

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