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How easy can it be to make a meatloaf

It’s great to be able to make one of a kind burger meat for friends or family at their party

Product description

🍔【Easy to Use】Our burger machine is ergonomic and labor-saving, both adults and children can easily press the burger meat they want. Just determine the weight of the patty you want, press it into the meat, then press again, and you’ll have a homemade patty.

🍔【Edging Treatment】We have done a very fine edging treatment on the sharpness of the burger maker, because the stainless steel material tends to be too sharp. But due to its non-stick, so the patty is very easy to shape, so you can enjoy the DIY time of making a perfect burger safely.

🍔【304 Stainless Steel】 Our stainless steel hamburger machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which is not only rust resistant and durable, but also more healthy and safe than the hamburger meat press made of plastic material on the market. If you like clean, you can throw it into the dishwasher without any concern.

How to use


Manual meat press for hamburger patties

Diameter: 8cm(3.15in)/11.4cm(4.49in)

Hamburger Patty Paper

Diameter: 12cm


Mitchell Buckley
Verified Buyer

Love this, and when done throw it in dishwasher, best for the price

Kathryn West
Verified Buyer

Steak, was great! I wanted to order some more for gifts! Now you don't have anymore

Fannie Cole
Verified Buyer

This tenderizer is Well Made, Has a safety lock and is Dishwasher proof. Works Great! So much better than my old meat hammer, which splattered every time I used it. This is a MUST HAVE!!!!

Kaine Vance
Verified Buyer

Its light weight and easy to use and clean. Gets the job done

Andy Dale
Verified Buyer

Do you still use one of those big, heavy hammer like tenderizers? While they may be great for letting out some frustrations, sometimes you don’t want to smash your dinner into hamburger. This little gem is perfect for those times you want to tenderize and marinate your main course. It’s like tiny knives that make incisions into your steak. The beauty of this is that you can lock it, and the sharp spikes won’t come down through the plastic plate on the bottom. This is perfect to have around kids so they won’t tenderize their hands. Nice product for this price point.

Phillip Cruz
Verified Buyer

For those of you who have not used a tenderizer like this, it truly is a kitchen MUST! The tool helps break down tough meat fibers by piercing them... and also allows marinades to penetrate meats better. I have a couple at my main home and got this particular tenderizer for my kitchen equipment at my city apartment.

Amir Gordon
Verified Buyer

I used to use a meat tenderizer when I worked in a restaurant. I've never owned one personally until now. I recently served a piece of meat that was tough and started to wonder why I didn't own/use a tenderizer anymore. This is a well-made sturdy tool. I found it really easy to use (just like the one I used to use) only better. I like the fact that it locks, which will keep me from cutting myself reaching into the drawer. I also like the fact that it is dishwasher compatible, as these tools are impossible to clean other than just rinsing.

Maxwell Wilcox
Verified Buyer

This works great for tenderizing all kinds of meat. It springs right back up when you push it down and it is super sharp and goes right through meat easily. No matter the thickness it goes right through.

Santiago Clayton
Verified Buyer

I ordered this because I like to “infuse” my meat with flavor. I’ve never had something like this. In the past I’ve used a traditional meat tenderizer that basically flattens the piece of meat. I have also used a sharp knife or a fork to get seasoning down into the meat.

Halima Underwood
Verified Buyer

This Meat Tenderizer is great!! I love the style it is so easy to use, push down like a stamper. It has about 56 little metal blades that come down to tenderize your meat and they do such a great job, but please be careful. Also what I like is that it has a lock on the top of it to lock the blades from coming down on accident. Well thought!! It works great and makes things a lot easier, you can tenderize more of an area of meat with this and in no time at all. So fast. The blades are long enough to go through very thick cuts of meat. I absolutely love this tenderizer, I used to use a fork to tenderize meat and it took forever, now I'm done in no time. If I had a dishwasher I would put it in it but I don't so I just run it under very hot water for a little bit right after use and then just wash the outer area with a cloth. This is absolutely the best kitchen tool for tenderizing meat ever. Highly recommend this tool and also it makes a great gift too!

Evelyn Cline
Verified Buyer

This meat tenderizer is absolutely amazing and extremely sharp. I bought it because we often are on a budget and have to buy cheaper meat than we would normally like. This allows us to make that meat very tender, and it also allows the spices and tenderizing marinade to get in deeper. This tenderizer is like 56 little razor blades slicing through your meat. It makes quick work of tough cuts of meat. If you like your flavor all the way through the meat, you can feel free to use it in pork, turkey and chicken as well. This would be an awesome gift for anyone who cooks.

Harun Crosby
Verified Buyer

This is a classic unitasker, but one that really comes in handy for tougher cuts of steak or meat that you're planning to marinade.

Homer Bennett
Verified Buyer

This tenderizer tool is awesome. I normally use a meat mallet to tenderize but when I saw this I figured why not. Glad I didn't pass this up. It really helps tenderize the meat. You can also push in the seasoning using this tenderizer. The main problem is the cleaning. You have to pay special attention when cleaning out the tenderizer if you use big spices since they can get stuck, especially in the black part that you push against the meat. When you clean that out using a tooth pick or knife lock the tenderizer otherwise the tool with cut you, it is very sharp.

Anna Merrill
Verified Buyer

This KucheCraft Meat Tenderizer Tool feels very well build with it's plastic exterior and set of sharp poking knives. The tenderizer feels good in your hands and has a safety locking dial to prevent accidental cuts or punctures. I really appreciate that they included such a feature to prevent my kids or anybody from accidentally injuring themselves. The meat tenderizer performed really well in puncturing tough cuts of meats. I really like how the knives are shaped like small spears with slanted cutting surfaces to cut faster and deeper into the meat. The only thing I didn't quite like was that it was a bit harder to clean because you couldn't lock the tenderizer to expose the knives to give it a thorough cleaning. In order to clean the metal knives well you have to depress and hold it and with your other hand clean the tenderizer. If there was a locking tab to hold the tenderizer open it would make cleaning faster, more sanitized, and a lot safer since you don't have to hold the spring.

Wilbur Garrison
Verified Buyer

I am in awe of this tenderizing tool. I was using one that I got from Chinatown and this blows that piece of c rap away. It fits perfectly in my hand. Doesn’t require much dexterity to use. The blades on this bad boy are sharp. I like that it is compact and has a safety lock. Overall, a tool that’s more than worthy of taking up space in my small kitchen.

Roberta Bullock
Verified Buyer

There was nothing we disliked about this meat tenderizer. The 56 stainless steel blades are sharp and can be safely locked in a safe, secure position. The meat becomes very tender and the seasonings go into the meat rather than just on the outside surface. The KucheCraft Meat Tenderizer Tool works miracles even with the cheapest cuts of meat.

Scarlet Munoz
Verified Buyer

Received package pretty fast nice design does help with all types of meat. The lock feature works perfect but it is hard to clean.

Eoin Campos
Verified Buyer

We have slowly been building up our kitchen tools over the past few months, and this was something we had been missing. My wife often likes to buy tough cuts of meat, thinking they are good value when she goes grocery shopping. After eating some really tough steak I decided to get a tenderizer to at least help on those "Steaks" that needed a bit of extra help.

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